Terms and conditions:

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all graphic design and web services provided by Pipsdesign.com
NOTE: Any reference to “Pipsdesign.com” covers “Philippa Neller” as well as all “employees” and “out source” workers of pipsdesign.com

All work is carried out by Pipsdesign.com on the understanding that the client has agreed to these terms and condition

Quotes are estimates only

The following terms and conditions are a legal agreement between “Pipsdesign.com” and the “Client”
The “Client” being the person or organisation who directly enagage services from Pipsdesign after accepting the quotation

Payment Default.

Invoices Must be paid within 21 days of invoice, failure to pay within the specified time will result in suspension of the Clients account(s).
If the Client in default maintains any information or files on Pipsdesign.com’s Web space, Pipsdesign.com will, at its discretion, remove all such material from its web space.

As a consequence of the above:

  • Pipsdesign.com is not responsible for any loss of data incurred due to the removal of the service.
  • If domains expire during account suspension they will not be renewed
  • Pipsdesign.com will not be held responsible if this results in the domains being bought by an outside company.
  • Pipsdesign.com will not be held responsible for any loss of business resulting from suspension of the account.

Removal of such material does not relieve the Client of the obligation to pay any outstanding charges assessed to the Client's account. Cheques returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a return charge of £25 and the Client's account will immediately be considered to be in default until full payment is received. Clients with accounts in default agree to pay Pipsdesign.com reasonable expenses, including legal fees and costs for collection by third-party agencies, incurred by Pipsdesign.com in enforcing these Terms and Conditions.

Pipsdesign.com reserves the right to decline further work on a project if there are invoices outstanding with the Client.

Copyright is retained by Pipsdesign.com on all design work including words, pictures, ideas, visuals and illustrations unless specifically released in writing and after all costs have been settled. Where a choice of designs are presented, only one solution is deemed to be given by Pipsdesign.com as fulfilling the contract. All other designs remain the property of Pipsdesign.com, unless agreed in writing that this arrangement has been changed.

Pipsdesign.com requires the customer to signoff a final proof before any work is sent to print (this may take place by post or email). The customer accepts that the digital artwork files provided as proofs for a design cannot accurately reproduce the final colours of a printed product. Pipsdesign.com cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or errors in a design that has been signed off by the customer including spelling, and grammar. Where a customer orders printing and requests not to see a final proof, or deems viewing a final proof unnecessary, We cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies or errors in the final product.

Copyrights and Trademarks
By supplying text, images and other data to Pipsdesign.com for inclusion in the customer's website or other medium, the customer declares that it holds the appropriate copyright and/or trademark permissions. The ownership of such materials will remain with the customer, or rightful copyright or trademark owner. Any artwork, images, or text supplied and/or designed by Pipsdesign.com on behalf of the customer, will remain the property of Pipsdesign.com and/or my suppliers. By supplying images, text, or any other data to Pipsdesign.com, the customer grants Pipsdesign.com permission to use this material freely in the pursuit of the design.

The customer agrees to fully indemnify and hold Pipsdesign.com free from harm in any and all claims resulting from the customer in not having obtained all the required copyright, and/or any other necessary permissions. Any Stock images purchased by Pipsdesign.com for use in artwork must not be passed by clients, Pipsdesign.com will not be held responsible for copyright fees if the companies in questions have shared materials.

The customer agrees that changes required over and above the estimated work or required to be carried out after acceptance of the draft design will be liable to a separate charge. The customer also agrees that Pipsdesign.com holds no responsibility for any amendments made by any third party, before or after a design is published.

If for whatever reason the customer cancels any work before completion, or decide not to print or publish completed designs the customer will still be liable for any design fees (or part thereof) and also any expenses incurred. 

Domains & Hosting
companies must provide Relevant company details for domain registering. NOTE: Failure to provide specific registrar details at the time of buying the domains will result in them being registered to Pipsdesign.com There for pipsdesign.com legally owns the domain names.

Spam / Unsolicited Mass E-mail - The sending of unsolicited commercial email (SPAM) through our web hosting can result in the suspension or termination of the client's web hosting account, without refund. Mailing lists may be operated as long as individuals choose to subscribe to receive mailings via clear opt in methods and a removal procedure provided in all mailings. Any complaints received are taken seriously and will be investigated.

Account Use - Under no circumstances must our web servers be used for the hosting or communication of, reference to or linking to any of the following: nudity, pornography, anything of a sexual, lewd, or obscene nature; violations of any copyright or any other right of any third party; threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory statements; promotion of illegal activities (hacking, cracking, etc);information or software containing any kind of virus; hate speech or hate propaganda; the collection of personal information for illegal purposes; content deemed by us at our sole discretion to be harmful to us;

Work Creditation
Pipsdesign.com reserve the rights to place any work completed by Pipsdesign.com in any portfolios showcasing work as well as on Pipsdesign.com. Any websites created, Maintained or hosted by Pipsdeign.com will include a link to Pipsdesign.com. Any attempt to remove this link will result in your accounts being suspended. If initial website design has been completed by Pipsdesign.com and the hosting and maintenance transferred to another company/individual the site must still state 'Designed by Pipsdesign.com' Including a link to Pipsdesign.com. any third party company involved in the hosting and/or maintenance must state 'Hosted and/or Maintained by The company in Question'.

Limitation of Liability
We are not responsible for any claimed damages, which may result from our web servers going offline, or being unavailable for any reason. This includes damages which may result from the corruption or deletion of data. The client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold pipsdesign.com harmless from any incidental, indirect, direct, special, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages whatsoever, for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other monetary loss arising out of the use of or inability to use our services, or the provision of or failure to provide services.